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Posted on April 26, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Ok,here is the latest update on whats hatching here at M.A.B.

1). Psalmopoeus cambridgei- 2nd instar ready to go.

2). Psalmopoeus irminia - They should be 2nd instar in the next week.

3).Pterinochilus chordatus- These are now 1st instar. I think they will be ready in June.

4). Chilobrachys sp. "guangxiensis" These are now eggs with legs. I had thought that the sac was not fertile. I pulled it at 5 weeks and all were still just eggs. It is now almost 7 weeks.

There is also a Poecilotheria pederseni sac still with mom and another Heterothele villosella sac still with mom.

More to come...........................



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