How to pay with paypal:

Just click the tarantulas for sale button.

add what you would like to your shopping cart.

click check out when your done and follow the directions from there.  

 Note: All shipping is done via Fed Ex. $55.00. buyer pays all extra charges above and beyond this price. 


How to order money order payment:

To order, please email your order to

sales@michiganarachnids.com or call 248.974.5474.

I will confirm that I have what you want to order in stock. Then arrange for payment.


Payment options:

I accept paypal:   (preferrd)   email: miarachnids@yahoo.com                                                 

I will also accept postal money orders.


I am located in Pontiac Mi.

You may come look at my vast collection of tarantulas, and find the right spider for you by appointment only. call 248.974.5474 for appointment.


**Winter shipping**

Fed - Ex Express mail = 1 to 2 day express shipping. $55.00 includes foam lined box and heat pack. LAG if actual shipping if more than $55.00 ,buyer will be charged the extra cost. ***If shipping delays are going to be a problem for , Then please don't order in the winter. I am located in a state that is cold in the winter. temps must be at least 30F for me to ship. My temps and yours. I will not ship in weather that may lead to shipping delays or temps that are dangerous for the animal. So PLEASE don't order if you are in a hurry to receive your order. Too many people are wanting refunds just because their order will be delayed a couple days or a week. I not be pressured into shipping in weather I deem dangerous for the animal. Further more I will not issue refunds because you cant wait for the weather to clear. or if there is a delay do to molting. 



Live arrival guaranteed shipping:

I will guarantee live arrival for fed ex  1 to 2 day shipping.  Ships Monday - Wednesday. Doa's and other problems must be reported with in  5 hours after delivery.


refunds may take up to 15 days. Refunds may also be subject to a $35 restocking fee!!

Refunds will not be issued for orders that are delayed for weather, or thing like spiders molting. These are thing that are out of my control.      

**all sizes are approximate. A guesstimate. 

If you have any questions email sales@michiganarachnids.com